Ace Ventura - Presence ( Atom Device Remix)
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FOR PROMOTIONAL USE ONLY_FREE DOWNLOAD: .. ..Atom Device is one of the most sensational acts to emerge from the Greek PsyProg Trance movement. Behind A.D. are Antonis & Dimitris Panagiotidis, 2 brothers born in Thessaloniki (Greece) forming together a very promising duo project, dealing with sounds and elements of Progressive Trance since early 2012! Their very first releases have been released on labels like Digital Nature, Yellow Sunshine Explosion, Phoenix Groove, On Music & Movement Dark Roasted, establishing their special sound analysis and the AD project in the global Trance scene, with their Live Acts being featured in main events & festivals in Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, and much more to come up!! A unique mixture of deep atmosphere & ambience and powerfull basslines, beats & pieces, surrounded by groovy percs up to uplifting & energetic melodies, bringing together European elements on Trance music with other continents & special styles, is kind of a definition of Atom Device's music, performed Live or aired on Radios & played on Dj Sets or home Soundsystems by trancers worldwide! As a fresh & nu project in the Psy Trance genre, Atom Device brothers are working hard in the studio everyday, developing their sound-colours, having plenty of new stuff coming on Digital Nature, Movement Dark Roasted & Synergetic, focusing at the same time on their 1st Album project, so keep an eye on them!
Added on Jul 29, 2014 by narco1
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