Atom Device - Paraisos Musico
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No Copyright intended, for promotional use only! If any upload shall be deleted, please contact me and it will be taken off straight away! Artist: Atom Device; Album: Paraisos Musico; Release: 05.08.2013; Label: On Music; Genre: Psychedelic; Style: Progressive trance; Buy: Atom Device is one of the most sensational acts to emerge from the Greek trance scene. Behind Atom Device are Antonis&Dimitris Panagiotidis,2 brothers born on thessalniki (Greece) with a new duo project,dealing with sounds and elements on progressive trance at the beggining of 2012.They launched their first official releases, on Digital Nature records (Israel),with more releases to follow on the near future on various labels of the IDM industry. Atom Device got involved at many local fests and parties,trying to aim their spesific sound,which is made from deep atmospheres and ambineces with powerfull beats-basslines and groovy percussions that give you an upleafting pus,full of energy, to dance harder on the ground,trying to combine elements from European and Israel sounds on thisgehnre. Atom Device as a new project on the psychedelic scene,working hard to give a new colour and vibe on the scene,hoping to have ready as soon as possible their first album... Digital Nature Rec: Movement Rec/Mgmt: Worldwide Exclusive Bookings (Greece) skype : Antoni Rasic Atom Device facebook: facebook official page: e-mail:
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