Zyce vs Nerso vs Middle Mode - Full Moon
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Album: VA - Battlestar 2013 Buy Now On Psyshop: http://goo.gl/VJtzX Goastore: http://goo.gl/6KimE Release Note: TesseracTstudio is back with brand new compilation 'Battlestar'. Presenting only the freshest sounds from a wide selection of label artists, this exclusive collection is nothing short of brilliant! Kicking off with deep and mystic remix of French producer L-xir, The Riddler's sounds brings another taste of playful but serious work by this amazing label artist. As the voyage continues with melodic and uplifting track from Copycat project, we slowly step into pure, highly concentrated spheres of trance matter, which is exactly what long awaited solo work from Flegma stands for, it takes the compilation into the next level of psy-progressive sound. Next up we spice things up a bit, with magical collaboration by two pioneers of Serbian psytrance scene. Molok aka Freaked Frequency and Subliminal Codes aka Pion. As we approach the peak point of the compilation, we present another gem by young rising Serbian producer Lyctum with his Highly Addictive sound, which will definitely keep up with the level of intensity. Stepping up into the second part of the CD, we've given space to already familiar collaboration project Aqualize with their new progressive bomb 'Rabbit Hole'. Lyctum's remix of one of TesseracTstudio's bestseller tracks 'Flux' (by Zen Mechanics vs Flegma and Nerso) only adds some more gasoline to already blazing sonic wildfire, while we keep on accelerating through the atmosphere and all the way to the 'Full Moon', an astonishing new collaboration between Middle Mode, Nerso and Zyce. If you expected this is where we start slowing down, you were terribly wrong, because right before the end we kept a very special treat, a remix of Zyce and Nerso's 'Unimation' by famous greek producer Micky Noise, former part of the legendary project Wizzy Noise! Closing the circle of the Battlestar compilation, you will Tune In to unique sound of Sideform project, one of the most active Serbian psy-progressive projects on the scene, which never fails on delivering fresh dancefloor sounds. Track List 01. Atmospheric (The Riddler Rmx) - L-Xir 02. Voyager One - Copycat 03. Gypsy Magic - Molok & Subliminal Codes 04. Unravel - Flegma 05. Highly Addictive - Lyctum 06. Rabbit Hole - Aqualize 07. Flux (Lyctum Rmx) - Zen Mechanics vs. Flegma And Nerso 08. Full Moon - Middle Mode vs. Nerso vs. Zyce 09. Unimation (Micky Noise Rmx) - Zyce And Nerso 10. Tune In - Sideform
Added on Aug 5, 2014 by narco1
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